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In an area of high landscape value, sustainability is the guideline for the design of a single family home. The transformation of the rural context determines the search for new rules to build the dwelling, the balance between architecture design, technological innovation and environmental friendliness. Wooden structure, thermal insulation shell total, air tightness, use of natural materials or biocompatible, minimization of energy and water consumption, alternative energy sources to cover the needs of the building, sustainable management of construction processes. Pilot Project Green Building Council, the house has got Home Platinum LEED certification.





One of the most important buildings of the Capital has been converted into a luxurious hotel through the consolidation of different properties and a new design. The underground floor will become a meeting centre, a single space characterized by its relationship with the archaeological excavations of Diocletian’s Spa emerging from the building. The walls of the room are finished in a contemporary design, surmounted by brick vaulting. Large floor panels of steel and glass enable sight of the excavations.




In the evocative scenario of Lido di Venezia a course of research began, to recover the identity of Grand Hotel Des Bains. Decò and Liberty style and the relation with Venice tradition influence the interior design, in a process of aesthetic reinterpretation. The basement is dedicated for hall, restaurant, lobby and SPA, while at upper levels there are the luxurious and exclusive residences. The furnishing and materials recreate the atmosphere of a unique place, monumental landmark, icon of an endless architecture.03a-0home


A XIII century castle, located between Brunello di Montalcino vineyards, has been expanded through the realization of a new annular volume, integrating the motte and bailey. It is useful to add more rooms and to build a new restaurant and thermal spa with pools. The main pool symbolize the continuity among interior and exterior space, creating an evocative image of the project. The landscape ,drawn by valleys and routes, backyards and terraces, located nearby the vineyards are considered part of the main feature.




The New York Palace building and Café had been refurbished into a Boscolo luxury hotel. The refurbishment won the European award in the 2005 and lighting project involve both the exterior and the interior spaces. It was the first hotel entirely illuminated by Led sources, most of them especially developed for this work. All fixtures and supply pipes are placed into the architecture with the maximum respect and full integration. The lighting project fit on a classical and historical atmosphere with warm lighting temperature and smooth light volumes.05-08 05-07 05-06 05-05 05-04 05-03 05-02 05-01


A timeless place, made unique by its precious atmosphere, the best comforts to be found in the luxury rooms, the restaurant, the Business center and the Cigar Bar and the luxurious swimming pool with a mosaic bottom. Hospitality is a kind of magic, secret alchemy, straight connected with the soul of Prague.


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